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Steve Hardesty

Tremont Design & Build    

Steve Hardesty has spent his entire life in the construction industry, mainly custom woodworking; from age 16 to present. Actively still doing custom woodwork; he currently involved with a 40,000 square foot, French style mansion in the heart of Bel Air, C.A.  Responsible for all on-site woodworking, designing, and fabricating all the intricacies along side ten full time assistants, and an in-house design center.

Along the way, he has been involved in all phases of construction; block building, seismic retrofitting for new and old buildings.  Projects included, golf courses, NAFB sites, custom homes and mansions, tennis courts, wine cellars, modular buildings, designing and building for some of the most prominent families in California. 

Steve has always had an interest in real estate; He started Sunland Land Co. with properties in C.A. , A.Z. , N.M. , T.X. , A.R. , currently buying and selling.  He started Canyon Peaks Development Co. and has plans in Oak Glen, for four custom homes on five acre lots; one is currently underway!  More recently, Steve created Tremont Design & Build; with custom home sites, graded and ready for homes on ten acre sites, along with a forty acre site to be built within two years!

Lot #18 Under Construction

Lot 18 1.gif
Steve dwg.gif

Tremont Design & Build company is building fully sustainable homes - off grid.  The designs of the homes will be a Transitional Craftsman styled focus.  These off-grid homes will be solar powered throughout the day, charging a battery bank for night use; and an emergency back-up generator.  These homes will feature durable metal roofing, and natural rock landscapes incorporated for the sites ground waste water system.

Tremont Design & Build will provide full service; from creativity to construction.  House plans, complete CAD drawings, and structural engineering plans submitted through permits.  We'll also handle geological and soils testing, grading plans, water well/pump/storage and pressure tanks; foundations, framing, and complete buildout and interior woodwork finishing. 

Lot #40 Ranch Quarters

Lot 40 horse camp 2.gif
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