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Web site LeOra And Ken Mudge.jpg

LeOra and Ken Mudge at Lot 12 New Home Construction

Web Site going over plans.jpg

Carlo Bonadiman, Monte Stuck, Steve Hardesty and Ken Mudge going over new home plans for Nelda and Ken Mudge

Web site Nelda and LeOra.jpg

Nelda Stuck and LeOra Mudge at Tremont Ranch Lot 12 field office

Wbe site pics Donky Drinking.jpg

Donkeys having a sip

Web site Monte Steve LeOra.jpg

Monte and LeOra discussing the site with Designer Steve Hardesty

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Web site view grams.jpg
Web site street sign.jpg
Web site rose.jpg
Web site R.jpg
Web site loma linda.jpg

15 minutes from the New Loma Linda Hospital

Tremont lot 11 donky stream.jpg
Perrie n Loo.jpg

Michelle and Perrie

Steve rock.jpg
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